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EXPOSED – Dinar Daddy and Treasury Vault Reviews
Read more about my investigation and review: http://globalcurrencyreset.net/dinar-daddy/ and also http://dinarrvnews.net/breaking-news/ – http://dinarrvnews.net/iraqi-dinar-companies/treasury-vault/
In this preview, I will quickly show how Dinar Daddy and also Treasury Vault are owned by the same person. Roger Dorman runs dinar daddy and Angela Dorman (his wife) runs Treasury Vault.
Dinar daddy: http://theiraqidinar.com/
Treasury Vault: http://treasuryvault.com/

If you are someone who buys Iraqi Dinar, then
It’s impossible to miss this one, so I’m putting it out there for everyone to see and to comment.

I am not expecting anything big with the Iraqi Dinar for the next two months, the dinar is weak and with the low prices of oil, I expect the dinar to still lose value.

Regarding a revaluation, you still must keep in mind that the rate was a governent decree, it’s like when the United States devalued the U.S. Dollar in 1933 from an ounce to a ounce, thus devaluing the currency of the United States.

The dinar guru guys will keep lying to you as they have done since the 2010 era, but don’t believe them.

At this time, I have made a commitment to translate the official CBI documents using a native Arabic translator. I actually use two guys from different countries and I see if there is much difference, which there isn’t.

Dinar Daddy

Dinar Daddy

This is just one step I’m using to help to bring you the best news on what is happening in the world, not just Iraq.

You need to know the big picture of what is happening.

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