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Who is Tony Renfrow TNT Tony Dinar or TNT Dinar? http://globalcurrencyreset.net/tnt-tony-dinar/

Here is TNT Tony, the so called dinar guru. Read the article above, listen to the video, it’s that voice, that way of speaking, that you will recognize.

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TNT Tony’s real name is Anthony Wayne Renfrow, or Tony Renfrow. He claims to be a dinar guru, but lies daily. His court date is coming up soon, my website has updates on that:
Dinar recaps was stopped posting news from Tony’s forum, calls, blog and his website. Tony continues to post on his fake Twitter page and occasionally chat. Regarding other dinar detectives, Tony’s dinar active board, conference call and blast are all just lies.

Regarding his Sacramento ca legal case, he is due in court for his 14 daily plus federal indictment scam out of Folsom. It was a mlm scam (multi-level-marketing)
Stay tuned for updates.