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There are ton of Iraqi Dinar websites such as Dinar Guru, Dinar Recaps, Dinar Chronicals, Dinar Daily, Dinar Daddy, Planet Dinar, Dinar Detective and others. Bondlady’s corner is another.

The term dinar Iraqi is typically a backwards saying of Iraqi dinar. The RV, or revaluation, has been expected for a long time. The Iraqi dinar value is supposed to increase. New Iraqi currency should be released. Dinar gurus are typically paid to deliver fake dinar news. The update or updates you receive were written long ago, and are simply rehashed every year on the anniversary.

Will the currency of Iraq revalue? This has been a long standing debate, especially when it comes to TNT dinar and the exchange of currency purchased from Sterling Currency Group.

The rv rate was expected to be $3, but for the Iraqi currency this doesn’t seem possible. No matter because sites such as dinar recaps will encourage you to keep your investment, or buy more.
A dinar rumor is usually spread by a major website, quoting, incorrectly, a speech made by Christine Lagarde.

I don’t recommend any blog because most are run by currency dealers. The information they provided is carefully written. Don’t expect an update or updates to come every hour on a forum or trade site. It just doesn’t happen. For revaluation news keep checking xe.com, they have the best tools. Dinar Speculation or speculator are important resource sites.

When the day comes to sell Iraqi dinar, make sure you pick a good company. What does a guru predicts? How have the guru predicts worked out in the last three years.

You should research how to Invest in Iraq. The dinar coin is not currently being used. There really is no dinar conspiracy. I think TNT Tony started that but I’m not certain.

The conversion is usually where 1 US Dollar buys 1150 IQD, but because of fees, you might only get $950 maximum. Dealers in the Iraqi Currency still have to make money, so on the buy and sell side, they can make up to 35% profit.

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