Assessing the Current Dinar Guru RV Situation

Assessing the Current Dinar Guru RV Situation

It seems that for the past several months, we have heard that the guru numbers have grown. So we lose a few like TerryK but then gurus like Elmer show up to take his place. When I last wrote about the Central Bank of Iraq, I explained that they were adding new 50,000 banknotes.  More information on that can be found at this site about the dinar guru.

Below you will find some dinares gurus predictions from 2013.  One is from Mountain Goat, abbreviated Mnt Goat Dinar.  He became a she sometime from 2011 to 2013 when it was a member of People’s Talk Radio.

dinar guru

This dinar guru website writes about Ken Siegel being Mountain Goat.  It cannot be confirmed nor denied who Mnt Goat is, but one thing is for sure, Mountain Goat went from someone who was asking questions about the dinar to a guru, it seemed to happen out of nowhere.

This trend of gurus becoming experts has been going on for years.  The so called “intel” that people like Bruce from the Big Call or Blaino from Planet Dinar have provided have been proven time and time again to be false.

Until the general listeners of these conference calls wake up and start doing their own research on these individuals, I’m afraid that this trend will continue.  Iraqi Dinar websites like Dinar Daily have lots of members who are awake to the truth, and they have no reservations about warning others.

Central Bank of Iraq

central bank of iraq

Everyone knows someone who has a contact at the CBI, the Central Bank of Iraq, but again, nothing has been proven.  It makes absolutely no sense that the dinar would revalue or RV to a rate that it was at in the 1980s.  Many investors point to the Kuwaiti RV as a sign of what will happen to Iraq.  It makes no sense for a currency to go from less than a tenth of a penny to $3, it doesn’t happen.

Forbes wrote about the revaluation some time ago.  The FBI is investigating the RV scam but you know what?  People don’t care, they continue to buy this worthless currency.

Here are some other terms used when searching for gurus:

Chronicles, which is a site broken down into a blog, forum and intel section, all useless.

I’ll probably post a bit more on these guys, especially guys like Checkmate, Okie, TNT Tony, Bluwolf, Frank26 and all the rest of the clowns.

Thanks for checking this dinar guru article out.

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