Dinar Vets – Adam Montana RV News Website

For this article on Dinar Vets, I just wanted to go into a lot of detail but do it fast.

The currency DV website is a forum based website which charges VIP memberships in order for you to get the inside information on the Iraqi Dinar Revaluation (dinar rv).

The man named Adam Montana is really James Wolf. Here is a nice picture of him:

adam montana 1

Yes, I know what you are thinking, he looks like a bloated Carson Daily doesn’t he?  Carson doesn’t scam people with the Iraqi currency however.

So, Adam’s site goes down from time to time and people get nuts because they can’t think for themselves.
dinar vets website down

Here is video showing how three major dinar website all went down within hours of each other:

At this point, you are probably seeking information on the dinar revaluation, I get it, but you really need to be careful when you join one of these shady websites run by questionable people.  The IQD is not like any typical investment, many claims have been made about what the true rate will be, we can only hope it’s high.